Pacific Anchor Holdings

Pacific Anchor Holdings (PAH) is a real estate development company based in California that has taken on many successful business ventures throughout Central and Southern California. Since the 2000’s, PAH has acquired, entitled, developed, and managed properties under one administration and management team. To date, PAH owns over 240 acres of commercial, residential, mixed-use properties and land ready for development.

Mission Statement

Pacific Anchor Holdings seeks to venture in mixed-use developments anchored by major national retailers in high growth areas. PAH projects consistently create a low-risk, high-yield investment opportunity for the company and its shareholders while boosting the local market and living standards of the community.

Competitive Advantages

Throughout the years, we have also built strong, solid relationships with major national retailers, who serve as our developments’ main anchors; and government agencies, with whom we work hand-in-hand to transform their cities’ vision into reality. We are on many cities’ list of preferred developers and have garnered numerous awards and recognition.