Pacific Anchor


About Us

    Pacific Anchor Holdings (PAH) is a real estate development company based in California that has taken on many successful business ventures throughout Central and Southern California. Since 2006, PAH has acquired, entitled, developed, and managed properties under one administration and management team. To date, PAH owns over 275 acres of commercial, residential, mixed-use properties and entitled land ready for development.

Mission Statement

  • Pacific Anchor Holdings seeks to venture in mixed-use and multi-family developments anchored by major national retailers in high growth areas. PAH projects consistently create low-risk, high-yield investment opportunity for the company and its investors, while boosting local economy and living standard of the nearby communities.


  • Our established network of seasoned architects, engineers, environmental scientists, and builders b ring expert knowledge and innovative ideas in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Throughout the years we have also built solid relationships with major national retailers as our main anchors. W e work hand-in-hand with government agencies to realize their vision of growth for their cities. We are on many cities’ list as their preferred developer and have garnered numerous awards and recognition letters.
  • Fostering a c ulture o f d iversity, P acific A nchor H oldings h as an established network of p rofessionals in China, Taiwan, Argentina, Singapore, Middle East, V ietnam, Australia and the U.S., covering a wide spectrum of land development expertise, such as fund acquisition and partnered investment.
What We Do

Land Acquisition

   Pacific Anchor Holdings has a proven record in identifying prime property location for commercial and/or mixed-use development. Our strong relationship with cities and our in-depth understanding of the entitlement process allows us to begin precise planning of prospective land parcels even before actual acquisition. Oftentimes, these properties are controlled by cities or counties as part of economic redevelopment or revitalization programs. Such characteristics improve the value and reduce much of the speculative risk since the direction for usage is already established and local government are already committed to and are supportive of the project.


   Once the land is controlled, it undergoes the entitlement process, a detailed planning phase where individual subdivisions and lot designations are approved and finalized. Again, Pacific Anchor Holdings’ partnership approach and its strong ties with city officials are invaluable during this stage. What sets us apart is our ability to create an open forum with public agencies and to have a thorough understanding of the cities’ goals and forecasts. This insight, coordinated with macro and microeconomic market study, allows us to formulate a well-designed master plan for each project. The end product turns raw land into a parcel with a specific use which creates job opportunities and economic benefits to local communities.

Development & Leasing

     The actual execution of the project involves management of architecture, engineering, financing, and construction. Overseeing these steps is the primary function of the preferred developer, YK America, while our brokerage partner, Castleton Real Estate & Development begins preleasing negotiations by first identifying the major anchors. Commitments from major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe’s, Costco, and other tenants increase the value of the property and its marketability. This leverage allows the leasing department to set premium lease rates in the market, which is the key to the income generating ability of the property and maximizes the development’s value.

Value-Added Improvement

     Upon acquisition of the properties, developer proceeds with the development process to improve land and build income generating elements on the property. Improvement includes entitlement of the actual land parcel, on/off site work, and construction of the buildings for operation. Upon completion and operation to stabilization, the portfolio properties are projected to be valued at $584 Million.