Delano Marketplace

Delano Marketplace


Delano Marketplace 1a

DMP 1A Limited Partnership will be an investor in the Delano Marketplace development project under YK America Regional Center. The Limited Partnership will invest in the development and management of three commercial buildings which will bring new job-creating enterprises to Delano Marketplace. DMP 1A LP project is a proposed mid-size retail establishment consisting of approximately 98,430 square feet and two office buildings of approximately 35,500 square feet. It is a portion of the larger development known as the Delano Marketplace in Delano, California. Strategically located on the eastern portion of the site, the project enjoys freeway visibility and ease of access. As an adjacent development following the opening of the Walmart Superstore, DMP 1A LP retail and offices will enjoy the foot and vehicular traffic generated by the retail giant.

Status:Under Construction
Year Built:Coming soon
Building Size:133,930 sq
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